Load Shifting Plant Operator

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Extensive information on load shifting licences in Newcastle

Changes to Load Shifting

All High Risk Licences now require participants to be trained and assessed by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), which has the relevant Unit of Competency (UOC) on its scope of delivery. Alltrans Training Services is fully qualified in this regard so get in touch with us today to find out more.

Now that there are no more Load Shifting Licences? What Options. (Extract from WorkCover NSW information flyer 2011)

On 01 January 2012 the new National Work Health and Safety (WHS) Laws came into effect.

In preparation for compliance with the new laws, from Sept 2011 WorkCover NSW ceased issuing a Certificate of Competency (Licence) for the following load shifting equipment.

  • Backhoe/Loader
  • Frontend Loader
  • Skid steer loader
  • Excavator

However employers or controllers of the plant) must ensure that the operators have received adequate information and training, and/or supervised, so any risks to health and safety are minimized.

Operator Competency or Validation of Competency

The employer or controller must ensure the operator is competent to do their job safely.

To assist determine an Operators competency, appropriate training or experience could include that they:

  • Hold a previous Certificate of competency issued by the regulator, such as WorkCover.
  • Hold a Statement of Attainment or other nationally recognized qualification for the type of plant they will be operating.
  • Have completed training at an industry training school, or hold an industry competency card for the relevant item of plant.
  • Have been trained on the job by an experienced and competent person.
  • Demonstrate experience and competency, which can be verified by the previous employer.

The employer (or controller) must also assess that an operator’s current level of competency is appropriate for the complexity of the work and the conditions of the worksite.

An Operator competency, and the level of information, instruction, training and/or supervision they require, should be reviewed regularly to ensure the safety of workers and other in the workplace.

What does this mean?

From January 1st 2012 the New National Work Health & Safety (WHS Laws will not require licenses for specified Load shifting equipment.

Accordingly Australian State and Territory OHS regulators will no longer issue a license for a backhoe/Loader Frontend Loader, Loader skid steer, or Excavator.

What training does Alltrans Training do for Load Shifting?

  • UOC RIIMP0301D Conduct Hydraulic Excavator Operations
  • UOC RIIMP 0304D Conduct Wheel Loader Operations.
  • UOC RIIMP 0318D Conduct Skid Steer Loader Operations.

This training is structured formal training and assessment, which provides competencies that satisfy the employer’s duty of care provisions, of the new WHS laws and regulations.

On Successful completion of these courses, Alltrans Training will issue participants with a Statement of Attainment, and we have plastic photo ID cards as evidence of competency.

Photo ID Cards

The Photo ID card issued by Alltrans Training is to provide the participant with Evidence of formal training, and competency, which can be carried in the wallet like any other induction or credit card.

Existing Work Cover Licences

When you are renewing your WorkCover or equivalent Certificate of Competency Licence. If you currently hold a Work cover License endorsed with any of the Load shifting (earthmoving) Classes LB, LE, LL, LS these classes will not appear on your license when it is renewed by Work cover.

The old Work cover license should be retained as it provided evidence that you completed the license process and were deemed competent on the class of equipment shown on the card. In time it is likely your worksite will require Validation of Competency to be demonstrated.

Call  02 4987 6600  today to find out more load shifting licences in Newcastle.

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